Karton (Card-board) for saxophonequartet

‘Karton’ is based on the line ‘Marshmallow’ written by jazzmusician Warne Marsh. On its term this line is based on the old American song ‘Cherokee’. This song appears in the slow middlepart of the piece but in this case the intervals are diminished.

The long polyphonic lines that emerge refer to the madrigals that once sounded in the days of the Renaissance. 
When Dutch writer Bernlef once made an interview with Warne Marsh he confessed his great affection for this very old complex but at the same time very touching music.

The saxophone of Marsh seemed to sound like being muffled in a card-board box, hence the title of the piece.

The piece is an homage to Warne Marsh, whom I consider as one of the greatest from the jazz tradition.
 I composed Karton for the Tumbquartet as part of the Ensemble LOOS. It had its premiere in 2000 with Leo van Oostrom on altosax, Peter van Bergen and Michiel van Dijkon tenorsax and David Kweksilber on baritonesax.