Aurelia Saxofoon Kwartet.

Aurelia Saxofoon Kwartet.

De Meesterfout

From the cd Aureliasaxophonequartet Challenge Records CC72148

  • Johan van der Linden soprano saxophone

  • Niels Bijl alto saxophone

  • Arno Bornkamp tenor saxophone

  • Willem van Merwijk baritone saxophone

Guus Janssen: “I know it is presumptuous to have the ambition to ‘correct’ the basic fugue theme from the ‘Kunst der Fuge’ from Johann Sebastian Bach. But that is exactly what I attempt to do in all modesty in my piece ‘de Meesterfout’  (‘the Masters Mistake”).

The leaden minor third that is characteristic for Bach’s theme is followed consistently by a lighthearted jolly major third in my piece. You will hear the consequences of this act in the piece”.